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Telling Time Feb. 17, 2019, 1:30 p.m.

Hi Friends, 
Today in second grade we learned all about telling time. 

My first tip is to put minutes around your classroom clock. I also suggest using clocks that have ...

The Benefits of DAILY PRACTICE & REVIEW (And how to implement it in your daily routine.) Dec. 5, 2018, noon

Hi Friends, 
Today in Second Grade we reviewed and practiced in ELA and MATH. I actually do this EVERYDAY. Daily practice and review is how I get my kiddies to ...

Polar Express Day Nov. 28, 2018, noon

                                                                            Hi Friends,

Today in Second Grade we are going to board the Polar Express and go to the North Pole!

This is my FAVORITE day of the year! 

It requires ...

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