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22 Teaching Math By Hart New and innovative ways to teach math to my middle year students.
25 Mrs. Breosseau's Binder A blog for teaching Mathematics and Science.
56 Musing Mathematically Nat Banting from Saskatoon writes {Musing Mathematically} where he shares tho...
57 Inspire Math Tools to help teachers and students alike with mathematics.
64 Ninja Plans User-contributed lesson plans and resources for educators.
66 Math File Folder Games Math games, math apps, technology and tips for 21st Century math classroom.
80 Teaching Math Resources and information for elementary and secondary math teachers.
109 Proud to be Primary A site full of fun, engaging activities and ideas for primary teachers teachi...
114 Always a Teacher & Forever a Mom A blog with teaching ideas, tutorials and resources.
115 The Groovy Teacher Primary teaching blog with ideas for educators